Light Up Your Blunt-O-Lanterns, Potheads, It’s October 4-20!

October 4th, 2020

As Halloween approaches, the 4-20 of October has arrived! Stoners everywhere are preparing to smoke pot all day and watch horror movies on Netflix! 

Light up your blunt-o-lanterns, potheads, it’s October 4-20! 

“I’m gonna smoke pot all day and watch Black Mirror on my Xbox,” said local weed freak Jeremy Walters, “it’s gonna be dope.”

Jeremy is a member of the “spooky stoners” Facebook group, a community self-described as “a FB group to post videos of yourself smoking weed and jamming to monster mash lol.”

Even non-Halloween fans are getting in on the fun. 

“I’m not much of a Halloween guy,” said member Tovan Smith, “ghosts are too trippy. But pot is tight, so we figured we could combine the two and make October chill as hell.”

What are their plans for the end of 4-20? 

“I’m probably gonna smoke some pot,” chuckled Jeremy. “Completely booked tomorrow.” 

  • The Terminal Times

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