UFC Fighter Spawns Outrage Due To Well-Thought-Out, Non-Racist Comments

This past weekend, UFC fighter Eric “Predator” Peters caused a stir outside of the cage with a series of well-crafted comments during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” with fans. 

The controversy began when Peters was asked his feelings on defunding local police.

BloodHole18: “heyy @EPpredator31, u baptized Sanchez last night with those elbowz! also, do u back da boys in blu?”

EPpredator31: “It was an honor to share the cage with such a talented athlete. As for your question, while I support first responders I think we need serious police reform that focuses on providing mental health assistance and non-violent training. Defunding the police isn’t about completely shutting it down; it’s about allocating funds to help as many people as possible.”

Peters’ response elicited quite a reaction with the UFC online community, who did not appreciate his balanced response to a complex question.

DewTheDood: “wish u wood have died! Respect the blue line!”

The fighter was also met with significant backlash when he refused to take a blatantly racist position on Black Lives Matter.

FuckMan666: “down wit u since you shattered Tank’s ribcage back in 2014! Question – how fukkin hard is it for fighters to say that all lives matter?”

EPpredator31: “I think the important thing to remember is that in order for all lives to matter, we must first acknowledge that Black Lives Matter.”

Not surprisingly, the collective braintrust of UFC fans online were less than impressed with Peters’ take on race relations.

CoolMike89: “gay bro.”

When reached for comment, the UFC senior leadership shared that they believe Peters should have the opportunity to share his opinions but only when they make sense for advertisers.

“Look, this dipshit can talk about police and Black Lives Matter on his own time,” said UFC President, Dana White. “But when he’s representing us, he needs to stick to fighting and telling people what energy drinks rip the hardest, and how fucking good Planters P3 Protein Packs taste.”

In a statement to The Terminal Times, Peters expressed remorse for demonstrating intelligence and human decency when speaking with the smooth-brained UFC fanbase.

“After some reflection, I realize that I used too many complex words and complete sentences. In the future, I promise to stick to crushing jaws, crushing cans of Modelo Especial, and crushing the long-standing patriarchal systems that are keeping women from advancing in their business ventures!”

No word on if Peters will be released from his contract for supporting women, or just “sack-tapped” by UFC executives.

• Patrick Strait, The Terminal Times

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