Yoga Instructor With Misaligned Chakras Murders 13

A tragedy unfolded as 13 people were brutally murdered by yoga instructor Eliana Adriana after what she referred to as “a really off-morning.”

“Yeah, I skipped my apple cider vinegar this morning and I think that’s where things started to go wrong,” she confessed, covered in her students’ essential oils. “I was just not in my flow today. I forgot that caring for others starts with caring for yourself.”

According to witnesses, the brutal slaughter came after the class erupted in laughter at Eliana’s instructions to “breathe deeply into your groins.” Once she heard them laughing, she killed one person for every crystal she forgot to kiss that morning.

First Responders administered healing stones and ginger to the victims but to no avail – all 13 died from their wounds and inability to accept the power within themselves. Eliana was sentenced to 20 years to life working at PowerCore Yoga. 

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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