Trump Claims Banging Hot Wife And Daughter “Obliterated” COVID

“Just 24 hours after testing positive for coronavirus, President Trump claims to have cured the diesease by having sex with his hot wife and possibly daughter. The claim has scientists everywhere asking “could Russian pussy be the cure?” 

 “I cured it. Some say, ‘did he?’ I really did, I cured it. Tremendous. Ivank- I mean Melania’s Va-china is fantastic. Great genetics. We had sex for 10, 15 Hours. Incredible. Best she’s ever had,” glouted the sweaty, hyperventilating president. “I made her cum. I really did. Can Obama say that? He can’t even make Michelle cum, is what I hear. But me, I made her cum. Really good.” 

“Made me what!?” asked Melania when informed on the president’s statements. “I cant believe he would fabricate such lies. We’ve never even had sex before, that wasnt the deal he made with supreme leader. Hand holding only.”

• The Terminal Times

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