Dr Phil Confronts Coronavirus In Front Of Its Family

 “Who do you think you are?” Dr. Phil asked an indignant Coronavirus on Thursday’s gut-wrenching episode of his daytime mental health exploitation show. 

“You’re toxic, Corona,” Phil declared, “you hurt so many people, and for what purpose?”

Viewers could barely hear the question over the sound of Hydroxychloroquine and her husband, Mr. Clean’s sobbing. 

“You’ve got to calm down,” he said to the silently brooding illness. Then, the Doc turned it on Corona’s mother, “And you’re not free and clear either, ma’am. Why do you think this virus is looking for this kind of attention and fame? I think it’s because it grew up in a household where its parents kept their social distance.”

This hard-hitting episode comes right off last week’s two-part confrontation with “Swimming Pool”- someone who, according to Dr. Phil, murders 360,000 people a year.

• Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

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