New Avengers Movie to Feature Every Superhero Ever

It seems like it’s been nearly 2 long weeks since the last Avengers movie came out, with cinematic enthusiasts anxiously waiting for the much anticipated release of Avengers 14, Avenge Harder

With Hollywood discovering the box office success of cramming as many superheroes onto one silver screen as super-humanly fucking possible, they’ve decided to go all out for the 14th installment of the franchise.

“People used to just go see movies with one or two superheroes,” said director Tommy Wiseau. “But with people being so ADD nowadays, we decided it would be better if we just threw in every single fictional character we could think of, and just have them all flying and jumping and flipping around and stuff. Then you put the movie in 3D and watch the money role in. It doesn’t matter how bad that writing is. People will watch it. People are idiots.”

  • Andrew Sherman, Terminal Times

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