Local News Source Lands BlueChew Sponsorship

Is your dick as soft as your nuts when you’re trying to fuck? Lucky for you, BlueChew.com has the answer!

If you’re a loser who can’t get stiffies, every day is like 9/11 for you – with its flag at half mast. Worry no more, idiots, BlueChew.com is the #1 Dick Hardening drug on the market, and a local news source just landed a sponsorship with the company.

With acclaimed deals and coupon codes to look through via their Manscaped sponsorship, The Terminal Times can clean out the jungle and make it woody all at once.

Go to Manscaped to get the ball shaving toner, and go to BlueChew to get the ball-saving boner.

• The Terminal Times

Sponsored by BlueChew

BlueChew: “This is your bedroom.”

Use coupon code “TTimes” to get free shipping and 10% off every order

Sponsored by Manscaped

Manscaped: “Refining the Gentleman”

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