Republican Amazed Antifa Agent That Stormed Capitol Was Undercover As Trump Supporter For 4 Years

Local Trump supporter Jason Hudum  is amazed by the amount of deceit undercover Antifa agents are capable of. After seeing his longtime friend, Garret, on the news storming the Capitol, he quickly realized that Garret has been an undercover Antifa agent the entire time.

“I had beers with him every Friday night,” said Hudum, clearly shaken up, “We talked for hours about how much we loved Trump, and HE’S Antifa?”

Jason went on to say this is the most disappointed he’s felt since Last Man Standing was canceled. “But it adds up, doesn’t it? The libtards and Antifa don’t want Trump voted out of office so of course, they would interrupt the event where Trump is getting voted out of office.”

While Derek mourns the loss of a good friend, he is encouraged that at the end of the day he still has one constant: President Trump. 

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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