Twin Cities Woman Has First Orgasm When Vaccine Arrives At Minneapolis VA Medical Center

A Maple Grove woman was watching the local news on Monday morning when something amazing happened.

Marissa Walters, 26, sat on her parents’ couch unassumingly when footage of the vaccine’s arrival at the Minneapolis VA hospital caught her off guard and stirred feelings she’d never felt before. Overcum with hot wet confusion, she was perplexed…but it wasn’t long before she concluded that she had creamed her pants.


“I just got so worked up thinking about the vaccine, my south mouth started to drool” Walters told the Terminal Times.

It seems the excitement of the situation became so great she had to share it with someone. “The sight of this took my breath away,” Marissa wrote while sharing an article about the vaccine’s arrival on Facebook.  

The efficacy of the vaccine remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. It’s already had a remarkable impact in at least one woman’s life.

• Cianna Violet, Terminal Times

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