We Asked 100 People In A Buffalo Wild Wings What They Thought Of Cancel Culture: Their Answers Will Shock You.

With social tensions at an all time high, and people in constant discourse over what should and should not be said and done in society, Cancel Culture has been one of the driving forces in this phenomenon. We decided to hit the streets and pull opinions from 100 American citizens eating dinner at a Buffalo Wild Wings on a Tuesday evening. Here is what they had to say.

“Cancel Culture? I don’t like em. They wanna try and tell me what I can and can’t say, but you know what? Joe Rogan… he’s the good guy. They don’t like when he says what he wants, and you know what? Don’t even get me started on Alex Jones, they don’t like us white people, they never did! Whatever man, bet those communists never read the CONSTITUTION. Get a job!”

“Yeah I’ve heard of that!” said Brynn Kershing while eating buffalitos with a side of blue cheese, “I had to stop being friends with my friend Jenny cus she turned into one of those cancel culture freaks. So anyways, she got all upset at me cus we were listening to music in the car one day, and it was a rap song and I was rapping ALL of the lyrics cus you know, THAT’S THE POINT. If they don’t want us to say it then they shouldn’t put it in there. But yeah, she gets all worked up and pauses the song because I said it, but I don’t even care. Who does that hurt you know? And like if I’m gonna get cancelled for a word then go ahead cancel me! But yeah I don’t hang out with her anymore.”

“Oh you know what,” she continued, “I think cancel culture is fantastic, you know? We are finally holding everyone accountable in a responsible way. Like, I see my neighbor on Instagram sharing his weight loss journey… like does he not understand his appropriations? We don’t need anymore intersectionality. So many awful words and ideas have slipped through the cracks for way too long. If you think about it, it really is the right way forward. Gonna make us all better people and set a great example for the microaggressions of future generations.”

Blazin’ challenge

Ben Holmes attempted the Blazin’ Challenge

Ben Holmes (30) was in the middle of attempting the “Blazin’ Challenge” when asked for the quote, and while talking to us, was informed that his 6 minutes to complete the challenge were up. This is what he had to say:

“Can you believe that? Son of a bitch, you know what, I pay good money for these wings and they can’t uh uh. . . pause the time? Like seriously, hey! All of you the whole god damn staff, go to hell and I mean that. That’s the problem you people don’t care about anybody you just follow these rules and you can all suck my dick. Oh, and tell my waitress she’s a wh*re! Thank you, buh bye!”

As you can see, the spectacle that is Cancel Culture continues to permeate and be at the forefront of the minds of many Americans. And if we are to have any takeaway from these interviews, it isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.

• Kavan Rotzien, Terminal Times

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