Secret Service To Partner With Life Alert For Biden Presidency

The Secret Service plans to make some changes to security strategies at The White House in preparation for Biden‘s presidency. In addition to standard protections, one thing that will be different from past administrations is the addition of a medical alert system for the ancient President elect.

The Secret Service plans to partner with known and trusted brand Life Alert to ensure that when the President falls, he’ll always get back up. The agency says Biden tends to wander off, and the White House isn’t equipped with enough railing to be sure he can keep his balance. “The longer we can keep him upright the longer we can keep him at the White House and out of a retirement facility… and if we can keep Kamala from pushing him, then we’re really set” said director James M. Murray.

It is rumored this change in strategy was suggested after the president elect sprained his ankle while playing with his dog Major. Aside from the emergency pendant, additional change can be expected, including putting protective coverings on all sharp corners in the Oval Office and securing any heavy furniture to the walls.

• Cianna Violet, Terminal Times

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