CDC Furious That Alien Monolith Not Following Travel Guidelines

CDC officials are livid after hearing the news that even the alien monolith that landed in Utah is not following travel guidelines. “First, the President holds rallies, then everybody goes home for Thanksgiving, and now this alien monolith is just CASUALLY traveling internationally,” said CDC Direct Robert Redfield, “It’s not even wearing a mask!”

The monolith went viral after it was discovered in the Utah desert last week. Americans were baffled and were even more surprised after Googling what a monolith is. On Tuesday, the monolith resurfaced in Romania. 

Many were shocked that it left the United States as the US is not historically known for taking down monuments. Reportedly, the monolith left after a failed search for intelligent life. 

President Donald Trump jumped immediately to Twitter to declare the monolith as part of his new border wall and demanded that Mexico pay for more monoliths. 

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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