Pope Francis Apologizes For Liking Butt Photo Instead Of Altar Boy

The Vatican released an apology statement earlier today in regards to an incident that happened in mid-November. On the 13th, it appeared The Pope had liked a photo of a grown woman’s ass on Instagram. Pope Francis said he’d liked the Brazilian model’s dumper on accident, as it appeared in his feed directly above a photo of one exceptionally fine altar boy.

 “He was the finest altar boy I’ve ever seen!” The Pope said defensively. He’d meant to bestow blessings (in the form of a like) upon 7-year-old Luca Bianchi, who appeared in his Holiness’ feed dressed in his ecclesiastical vestments for the very first time. 

The Pope apologized for any confusion he may have caused and said he’s sorry for disappointing his loyal flock. He plans to work harder to stay true to the moral standards people expect from his papacy, and to only like photos of little boys from now on.

• Cianna Violet, Terminal Times

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