JJ Abrams’ Adaption Of 2021 To Use Same Basic Plot Points From 2020

JJ Abrams –  cancel-culture’s new Joss Whedon – is helming an adaption of 2021. Reportedly, he will be using the same basic plot elements from 2020, including bringing back fan favorites like Dr. Anthony Fauci. In a pandering money grab decision, Abrams is recasting Dr. Fauci as an elderly African American man and reluctant mentor for young, bright-eyed virologists portrayed by similar token diversity hires. 

Donald Trump Jr. is also set to return as the villain – filling in the tiny shoes left behind by his father. Early set photos show Trump Jr. staring longingly at a display case of his dad’s battle-worn hair and vowing to follow in his stunted footsteps. 

Some fans are disappointed Abrams is using a recycled plot from a much more original year, while others defend the move. “He has to make 2021 as nostalgic as possible,” said local fan Tom Todd, “that way, the sharp left turn Rian Johnson will take for 2022 is that much more upsetting.” 

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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