White House Preschool Teacher Excited To Have Former Student Rejoin Class

Patricia Dawkins has been the residential preschool teacher to the White House since George H.W. Bush, and is honored to have her former student rejoin her class. Not only is she regaining one of her favorite students, Joe Biden, but is losing her worst one yet, Donald Trump.

“You know, it’s gonna be nice to have a familiar face in class. After four years of changing diapers and trying to teach President Trump colors, it’s nice to have one back in who doesn’t believe blue has a life.” Said Ms. Dawkins “First week, we’re going over genders.”

As we met up with President Elect Joe Bidens Caravan, he stepped out of his Presidential Suburban holding a piece of paper with a giant marker drawn penis. “I’m ready for week one already,” beamed Mr. Biden. 

If everything goes as planned, Mr. Biden should be back to school January 18th at the earliest. Excited to embark on one last field trip, virtually, with drone strikes on foreign civilians.

• Terminal Times

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