Gun Rights Activist Will Not Stop Until All Guns Can Get Married

Americans everywhere have the right to bear arms, but local gun-rights activist Craig Kilner believes that arms should have the right to bear their hearts to one another. 

“They’re automatic weapons,” he said, “but that doesn’t mean they automatically have all their rights.”

Craig had made a lifetime of fighting for gun rights but back in 2015, a local baker refused to cater the wedding of his two shotguns and that woke him up to the cruel bigotry against firearm romances. “That was the first time I noticed ammophobia, but it would not be the last.”

Since that day, he has been fighting for guns to receive equal pay, equal housing, and equal standing under the laws that make them so accessible to literally millions of Americans. This conviction springs from his driving belief that even guns should be able to arm themselves and love who they love, “That’s what America is all about.”

“Any American can GET a gun, but it takes another gun to UNDERSTAND a gun,” he said, “It’s just not a choice for a gun to love another gun. They’re fearfully and wonderfully made this way by their Maker.”

– Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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