2X4 Tired And Board

Things are lackluster for the legions of lumber laying around these days. And this construction site is feeling anything but constructive for this poor 2X4.  

“People measure me all the time,” the board said, wiping sap from his eyes, “so I guess that’s why I feel like I never measure up.”

He said the guys at the construction site don’t help him feel any better. “The guys cut me down the moment I got here.”

Many of his friends are still in the forest. He wished he could stay with them, “Shoulda coulda wooda”. He feels like he’s never quite understood by his co-workers. “They circular-saw me, but never circular-SEE me. They have no idea how hard it is to go against the grain!”

He mourns that he’s “treated with chemicals, but not with kindness.” Still, he tries to look on the bright side – at least he is employed. “Things are really rough for those boards that lose their jobs – the fired wood.”

• Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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