Man Eases Into Vegetarianism By Refusing To Eat Leather Boots

Brandon McDonald is taking a radical step towards vegetarianism with what he calls an “unprecedented move” for himself – he’s cutting out leather. 

“No, no, I’m still WEARING leather. It’s EATING it that’s where I’m starting,” he said over his steak and eggs breakfast with a side of breakfast sausage, “Yes, I’m a vegetarian. Yes, I eat burgers, chicken, pork, venison, and virtually every form of animal life because I’m starting SLOW.”

Brandon defends himself saying it is a lifestyle change that will take some adjustments. “I can’t just go cold turkey off meat – speaking of which, a cold turkey sandwich sounds amazing right now.” He stated his plan is going to replace eating leather boots with beef patties. Then he will replace the beef patties with turkey burgers. “Then I’ll probably go back to beef patties for a while cuz who wants a bird burger, right?”

Responding to what motivates him to stay strong, he stated, “I don’t do it for myself – I do it for the planet. And the animals. And this girl I’m dating who thinks I’m a vegetarian.” 

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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