Cobra Kai, The Latest Show Ruined By Totally Lame Dad

Everyone’s favorite TV show and movie is being rebooted nowadays. The newest movie to have this happen is the Karate Kid franchise, with Netflix’s latest reboot, called “Cobra Kai.”

Admittedly, it can be fun to watch an old show or movie get introduced to a new generation. But most of the time dad ruins it with his stupid stories during the movie. Like that time we went and saw Transformers: Age of Extinction, and he kept talking about his dumb cartoons from the 80’s.

Attention dads, nobody cares about what happened in Karate Kid 3, okay? I just want to know if Miguel & Sam are gonna end up together, and I don’t even know who Elizabeth Shue is so stop bringing her up.

Let’s just enjoy this clash of generations the right way. By not saying a word and blowing air out of your noses every time something funny happens. While mom thinks you’re bonding.

Cobra Kai’s new season will be on Netflix in 2021, so it gives you enough time to watch Karate Kid 4 with dad because he, along with everyone else, hasn’t seen it before either.

• Tido Maldonado, Terminal Times

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