White People Rush To Social Media To Once Again Prove They Watched Black Panther

This weekend, thousands of white people poured onto social media to try and prove that they have seen the 2018 Superhero film Black Panther. Many even stated they have seen it more than once!

“Absolute tragedy that we lost Michael B. Jordan,” Stacy tweeted with a picture of Jamie Foxx, “WAKANDA FOREVER!”

This, and thousands of other tweets like it, mourned the loss of beloved King T’Challa. “Black Panther was such a meaningful film for so many people,” Jennie posted with a screenshot of the film Coming to America, “But as they said in the movie, it’s the Circle of Life.”

“He was so young,” a distraught Instagram user Garret shared with a photo of Wayne Brady, “I can’t believe we lost him RIGHT AFTER he won the Masked Singer last year!”

Even brands like Nike have upped their performative activism game this weekend. A Nike Spokesperson tweeted out that “For every person that tweets the hashtag #NikeIsAnEthicalCompanyYayNike, we will donate $0.37 to an organization committed to making money off of social justice initiatives!”

Other activists have come out of the woodwork. “We white folk need to lean into these uncomfortable conversations,” said Instagram activist Melissa Waides, “that is the only way we can get any relief from all this guilt we’re feeling.”

She went on to say, “I miss Childish Gambino, too. But we have to keep pressing on to fight the good fight for him.”

• Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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