Rescue Dog Comes Out As Non-Binary

Local Animal Rescue nonprofit Secondhand Hounds is in deep water after misgendering the Springer Spaniel on their website.

Before Acorn (previously named Rick) was caught by animal control, they Tweeted on their personal Twitter account that they were “No longer going to accept being called a good boy.” and that they “prefer good dog now.” Despite that local Animal Rescue Secondhand Hounds posted that they were a Fixed-Male.

“It’s unacceptable, I know they follow me on Twitter. They even gave the Tweet a ‘Favorite.’ They did it out of spite,” said Acorn. Unlike most dogs that are fixed, the procedure was their choice. “I just knew I was different than most hunting dogs. I never really enjoyed searching in the prairie for hours on end looking for birds. I was more; Gilmore Girls and Drink mimosas all Saturday kinda dog. The only fields I like are Mrs. Field.”

Sarah McLachlan, the spokeswoman for the ASPCA, released a statement in regards to the incident. “Whether its a puppy mill, a dog fighting ring, or a non-binary dog being labeled as cisgender, it’s all animal abuse and needs to be ended.”

After letter upon letter of angry animal activist Secondhand Hounds was issued a fine of $150 dollars, twice Acorn’s adoption fees, for undue stress.

• Terminal Times

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