Lizard People Worried About Lack Of Representation In Mainstream Media

Dank Cave, USA – Many lizard people are starting to worry about the way much of the media portrays them.

“We are more than just humanoid reptiles wearing the skin of your most well-known world leaders,” said Zulk, a local lizard person and social media activist, “we are also doctors and lawyers, mothers, and fathers, and it’s time that gets represented.” 

Many of the lizard people are weary of being vilified night after night on the evening YouTube. “The media is awash in stereotypes of us being scheming creatures bent on world domination, when in reality we are very genial people bent on world domination. Many of us just want to make an honest living, go home to our caves, and eat our bowlful of rats.” 

Despite the recent bad press, Zulk is still hopeful. “Yes, we have a long way to go. But we’ve already had our first Lizard President, so there’s always hope.”

• Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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