Is It True? Five Things Hitler Did That Were Very Racist

1. Between 1941 and 1945, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime killed 11 million Jewish people, in what was later known as “The Holocaust.”

Bit much, don’t ya think?

2. In a newspaper interview from 1937, Hitler referred to Olive Garden as “Wop Dago Garden.”

And to think he called Mussolini an ally.

3. He’s responsible for the death of Anne Frank, and completely violated her boundaries by allowing everyone to read her diary.

Those are personal thoughts!

4. In 1923, while in prison for treason, Hitler penned “Mein Kampf,” which quickly became the most racist book of all time.

Take that, Lovecraft.

5. In 1931, Hitler refused to eat at Taco Bell because of its “non-Aryan cuisine.”

Really, Hitler? Tacos rule!

• The Terminal Times

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