Cat Invades Keyboard, Fulfills Lifelong Dream Of Becoming A Writer

Harvey, a local tabby cat with big dreams and a bigger body, has always been unsatisfied by the pace of his life. Early on, he found defecating in his sandbox and chewing on houseplants to be a thrill with diminishing returns. His discontentment came to a head at the end of a deceptively complex hunt.

“After pursuing my enemy for 47 heart-pounding minutes, I discovered that it was not in fact an adversary that could travel at the speed of light, but a red light controlled by my owner and two of his pathetic companions,” he said, “that’s when I knew I needed something more.”

He quickly discovered that he was trapped in his small ways of thinking. “Maybe the real litter box is the litter box of my mind,” he began to write on his owner’s keyboard, moments before being pushed off.

Unfortunately, his owner Garret does not seem to share Harvey’s enthusiasm for his dreams. Harvey admits that inspiration does often strike while Garret is using his computer, but that should be no excuse. “Yeah, Garret is a real loser,” he admitted, “I find my skills threaten his very self-worth. He is particularly self-conscious about his poor flexibility. He can’t even lick his own butt and when I do it, he takes it as a threatening display of authority and quickly lashes out in a fit of jealous anger.”

Harvey has been forced to clean himself – and create – in private out of consideration for his owner’s brittle self-esteem. “I guess he just cannot tolerate me being flexible, beautiful, AND genius,” he shrugged. “Sometimes, you just have to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.”

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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