Celebrity Gossip: Casper The Friendly Ghost Spotted At Klan Rally

Paparazzi recently caught Casper the Friendly Ghost, 85 ghost years, at a Klan rally holding a sign reading, “The only good Ghost is a white Ghost!”

It appears after years of speculation, that although considered by most to be the friendliest of ghosts, Casper is far from it.

Often known for helping out and making friends with those in need, Casper allegedly used his power to lure susceptible social outcasts into the world of white supremacy. 

This also isn’t the first time Casper the Friendly Ghost has faced controversy. 

Upon hearing the news, 1995’s “Casper” co-star Christina Ricci took to Twitter:

“Casper has always been problematic. When we made the movie, he was like 50 and it was about his crush on a 13 year old girl. I mean, what kind of storyline is that?”

“Ultimately, it’s sad though,” she continued. “I think he had a lot of bad ideas put into his head over the years by his uncles, and his best friend: The Flying Dutchman.”

• Gareth O’Dalaigh, The Terminal Times

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