Police Officer Guns Down IKEA Furniture, Claims Shelf Defense

Off-Duty Chad Walkins shot a disassembled piece of IKEA furniture 37 times on Sunday. According to reports, the IKEA shelf was “black, open-concept,” and “looked really difficult to put together.” Walkins claimed the shelf was “resisting being assembled.”

When asked if he read the instructions, he stated that he tried but, “they were written in several languages, only one of which was English. I read intentions, not instructions.”

President Trump tweeted out a response saying, “Those assembly instructions are very difficult to read. I don’t blame Officer Walkins. The shelf was probably made in China and could have actually been the shelf that brought the China virus to the United States.”

A few hours later, he tweeted, “I want to thank Officer Walkins for shooting COVID-19! Only 18 more to go!!”

In response to the Officer’s actions, many progressives are boycotting furniture all together while Trump supporters are buying more IKEA furniture and shooting it up in solidarity with Walkins.

Members of the community are torn on how to respond. Some think that police shouldn’t be using guns to assemble IKEA furniture, while others think that officers just need more training on how to read instructions.

  • Jacob Nuckolls, Terminal Times

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