Take It Yeezy: Kanye Announces Campaign Slogan

Shortly after announcing his 2020 Presidential Bid, superstar bipolar victim Kanye West shares his campaign slogan on Twitter: “Take It YEEZY.”

This comes after some deliberation of another strong slogan: “Sure, Why the Fuck Not?” In a recent tweet, Kanye declared that, “JESUS IS KING BUT IMMA BE PRESIDENT.”

Known by conservatives as Donald Trump’s one black friend, Kanye threatens to take the much-contested “who-even-cares-anymore” vote. This will not only be Kanye’s first time running for President, but also his first time voting. “I’m completely against the mail-in ballots,” he said an interview on Saturday, “we need more female-in ballots and that’s why I’m running.”

He also took the opportunity to announce his running mate as a pair of YEEZY boosts.

• The Terminal Times

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