Racists Getting Nervous About Recent Bad Press

Many American racists are feeling the pressure to conform to a new wave of “anti-racism” or “human decency” that is sweeping the country. Many who have lived their entire lives this way are getting nervous by how they’re being portrayed in the media.

“The lamestream media wants to brainwash people,” says self-professed “not racist” Paul Hertz who talks about “black-on-black” crime constantly, “just because we don’t believe all people are equal doesn’t mean WE should be treated like crap. That’s kind of the point.”

Many are protesting Orange County’s renaming of the John Wayne airport after a Playboy article resurfaced about him saying that he is “for white supremacy.” 

“John Wayne would be appalled to see his comments so publically disdained,” said 60-year-old Carin Phillips, “Try to remember that racism was quite fashionable in 1971 so how could you hold that against him? That was just 5 years after the end of the Civil War.”

“I cannot believe we are erasing history like this,” said Paul in a Facebook post, “What’s next? Am I gonna have to rename David my kid just because there have been bad David’s? Well, you just tell those libtards that THEY will have to tell David Duke Hertz that he’s gotta change his name but that forehead tattoo is NOT coming off.”

“I just hate that they’re making us look bad,” Paul continued, “Like, if you’re gonna quote us, just don’t use the stuff that sounds racist, okay?”

• Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

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