Bruce Springsteen’s New Album Is A Cheeseburger Stuck In A V8 Engine And We Are Here For It

The Boss is back! For more than 40 years, we’ve known Bruce Springsteen as an all-American, working man’s artist but he truly outdoes himself with this one. His newest album enigmatically called “ Beef Highway” includes 7 full tracks of different cheeseburgers being ground up in a Ford-made V8 engine.

Always pushing himself, Springsteen states that he did this album because he “wanted to do something I’ve never done before.” He relays the moment of inspiration, “I was working on my car while eating a cheeseburger, it fell in, and I was blown away by its story.”

“It’s the most American thing we’ve heard in decades,” writes the Rolling Stones Magazine, “It sounds like someone put John Wayne’s ashes in a freedom cannon and fired it at a bald eagle. I cried.” 

And for the gluten intolerant, Springsteen provides a 13 minute interlude where he whispers, “Big Mac is the new (gluten free) American pie.”

It’s a journey he takes all of his listeners on for a solid 118 minutes of all-American ground beef and heartache. Metacritic is calling this album, “Timely, triumphant and …uh, interesting.” Metacritic also wrote that it is, “at least his meatiest album yet.”

As employees meat-packing plants get laid off and the auto industry is shipped oversees, Springsteen gives these forlorn workers an anthem of hope. As for us, we are just waiting for the other burger to drop.

Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

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