Squirrel Just Sitting There For A While

“The whole world is rubbish, innit?” said Nibbles, a squirrel with a British accent, before racing around aimlessly for a few minutes and then freezing in his tracks – body still, only moving his head and eyes. What is he looking at? 

Zoologists say squirrels run around for a bit before completely stopping to camouflage themselves from predators – but Nibbles claims to stop when he needs a moment to think about the futility of life. 

“Things seem a bit wonky, aye? I run round, scroungin’ for nuts, boffin me wife. But why?”

Do you know why Nibbles exists? If so, he’s searching for answers. And those answers don’t come to you from the inside of a tasty acorn. They come to you from the nuts of your soul.

  • The Terminal Times

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