Washed Up? Why Hollywood Won’t Cast The Volleyball From Cast Away Anymore

After 9 DUIs and multiple stints in and out of rehab, Hollywood won’t cast one struggling volleyball.

“I went to NYU expecting to become something great. They had me on Broadway. They had me in that Verizon Wireless commercial. I never knew the heroin needle would be so quick to deflate me.”

Shortly after his casting in Cast Away, Wilson married a softball from the movie “Girls With Balls,” before slowly descending into madness. Since 2009, he’s been a constant feature on TMZ and gossip magazines worldwide.

“He was a remarkable talent,” said director Robert Zumekis, “but as soon as he started hanging out with Charlie Sheen, it was over.” In 2017, Wilson was caught by paparazzi with Sheen accosting prostitutes outside of a Los Angeles motel.

Will volleyball ever come back? Hopefully. But for now, he’s just a drifter- barely floating, with Tom Hanks, in the sea.

• The Terminal Times

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