AMAZING: This Middle-Aged White Guy On Facebook SOLVES Racism

Racism, get ready to meet your maker! Fresh off a recent share of a DEVASTATING Ben Shapiro video that dismantled systematic racism, Chuck has finally done what America has not been able to do for hundreds of years – solve racism.

On Monday, Chuck shocked the world by posting a simple-yet-beautiful solution in a quote pasted on top of a picture of Morgan Freeman. The quote read, “If we all treat each other with respect, racism will end.” 

He didn’t stop there. Chuck went on to explain that millions of protestors should just “GROW UP” and realize the REAL police brutality is the “THOUGHT POLICE brutalizing our freedoms in the lamestream media.”

Chuck has often spoken out against “Leftist political cults” like Black Lives Matter. “I believe Black Lives Exist. But why do we have to politicize it by saying they Matter too?” he asked in his post. What he despises most about the liberal media is that it “tries to get us to hate the very thing our country was built on – white male rage.”

“The end of racism is really just as simple as everyone agreeing with me,” he said. He hopes that one day America will return to its good Christian roots. When asked if he believed the police should be abolished, he responded, “ABOLISHED? NO WAY. Remember the last time this country abolished something? How did THAT turn out?”

• Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

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