Presumed Vegan Caught Wasting Milk At Black Lives Matter Protest

Perfectly illustrating yet another face-palm moment of hypocrisy all too common in liberal movements today, groups of Twin Cities rioters, presumably vegan, were spotted wasting massive amounts of milk last week after the police preemptively maintained peace using rubber bullets and tear gas.

“It makes you wonder if these liberals ever looked in a mirror, y’know? Like, this week it’s Black Lives Matter. Last week it was animal’s rights. But as soon as I toss a canister of tear gas into a group of peaceful BLM protestors, you see all the vegan parents pouring gallons of milk on their toddlers. Well, which is it?” reported MPD officer Joseph Porter, one of the many great officers who hardly has any misconduct complaints against him. 

“And it’s not just the hypocrisy that frustrates me. It becomes a safety issue when I can hardly see where my rubber bullets are going with the milk and chemical irritant-based smoke. Don’t these parents know their child could get hit by one of my indiscriminate shots? It’s like, ‘seriously, liberals?’ Who brings a child to a human rights protest knowing that it’s our job to forcefully maintain peace—in case things were going to have turned violent?” 

At press time, Officer Porter was photographed kneeling in solidarity with a group of ungrateful protesters who, mere moments later, called him a pig just because he used pepper spray to make sure they didn’t riot while standing up from the moment of silence.

  • Eli Ruffer, The Terminal Times

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