“Tony Hawk: Pro Skater” Remake Allows Characters To Look Old, Get Married, Have Kids

Twenty-one years after its initial release, “Tony Hawk: Pro Skater” is back! The remastered video game classic allows gamers to play as 52 year old Tony Hawk, 53 year old Rodney Mullen, or 40 year old washed up “Jackass” star Bam Margera.

As Tony Hawk or Rodney Mullen, gamers can simulate the lives of aging skateboarders, with exciting new features such as teaching your kids how to skateboard, going to the grocery store and cleaning the garage. As Bam Margera, players can get sober, go vegan and mow the lawn. 

“Helmets are required this time,” said developer Karthik Bala. “No skateboarding on private property, either. We don’t want to upset the neighbors.”

Online downloadable content includes blood pressure medication, knee braces, and an all new “rocking chair mode” for hardcore simulation gamers. 

In the final levels, the remaster allows your characters to hang out in the living room and play the original Tony Hawk: Pro Skater, reminiscing about how great of a skateboarder you used to be. 

  • The Terminal Times

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