Does 5G Cause Coronavirus? We Asked A Schizophrenic YouTuber To Find Out

On the outside, Jeremy Higgins is a quiet, introspective grocery store stocker from Rockport, Massachusetts. On the internet, he is Sheeple Eater 666.

Jeremy is one of thousands of YouTube scientists dedicated to proving to the world that facts are wrong, and that 5G towers are the root cause of the Coronavirus outbreak. “Microbiologists need to do some research,” said Jeremy in a recent video. 

His theory, entitled “the five and six connection,” uses concrete speculation to communicate his point. 

“‘5G’ kind of looks like 56. Five plus six is eleven. What’s so bad about eleven, you ask? It’s one and one. If you have two ones together, you get two. Two plus eleven? Thirteen. Bad number.” 

Jeremy hopes people will watch his videos and decide, just like he has decided, that the world needs peace. And the only way to find that peace is to burn down every 5G tower on Earth.

• The Terminal Times

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