CBD Junkie Uses Weed To Get Clean

“It all started when I went to a vape shop and bought this green plant that smelled like the inside of a lawnmower,” said Jackson Smith in a Twitch broadcast on Monday. “After just one hit, nothing happened, and it was all downhill from there.”

Researchers at Stanford University say CBD addiction could be the next major drug epidemic if not handled quickly and correctly, and suggest cannabis use as a healthy alternative to the deadly habit.

“The issue with CBD is that it’s a highly addictive substance derived from parts of the cannabis plant that don’t work,” said a horticulture professor at the university. “Our goal here at Stanford is to play a role in completely decriminalizing ganja at a federal level while making CBD a schedule 1 substance, in the same class as heroin, methamphetamine and crack.”

After going to his first CBD Anonymous meeting in March, Jackson tried weed for the first time and reported incredible results. “In a room full of CBD junkies like myself, it was reassuring to know theres people going through the same struggles as me. They didn’t really mention any alternative options, but it was really easy to find weed. It’s been life changing to switch gears, get clean, and find something healthy to base my entire identity on.”

  • The Terminal Times

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