Hundreds Gather In Burning Building To Protest Fire Department’s Rights-Violating Water Policy

Hayward, WI – On Saturday, hundreds of people rushed into a burning building to support the owner’s choice to let it burn to the ground.

“I cannot accept that the Fire Department would spray water on my personal property, just because they think the fire can spread to other buildings,” said owner Joe Cullen.

“There’s really no proof that one fire in a building can lead to cases of fires in other buildings,” said a quote shared on Facebook attributed to Thomas Jefferson, “And, even if it did, I would rather be a crispy, constitutionally free man than an unscathed slave to the tyrannical government.”

This comes on the heels of a grassroots movement that questions the authority of the government infringing on its citizen’s rights. “I do not want my tax dollars putting out fires that we haven’t even found are that dangerous yet,” said one of Saturday’s protestors before bursting into flames. 

Many of them shared the sentiment that if an American can’t burn down his own building, then his freedom is on the chopping block. 

“Many of my fellow protestors died,” said a skin grafted survivor. “But at least they died liberated.”

  • Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

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