How To Learn Latin By Practicing A Minute A Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Do you want to learn Latin? Are you available for just ONE minute a day for the rest of eternity? Then boy, do we have a deal for you! You better have a good alibi if you decide to skip out on this! It’s time to carpe diem!

By learning Latin with our rest-of-your-life step program, you’ll be able to:

  • Summon demons
  • Seduce big titty goth chicks
  • Call plants by their scientific names
  • Bang your Latin professor
  • Get away with racial slurs

Et tu, Brute” is a language learning app that strives to teach you Latin the same way the Romans did, on a cell phone! Though our app lacks the sodomy and the Colleseum, we are confident you’ll be annoying your fellow man in no time! And for the small price of JUST your soul, you’ll have 24/7 access to our literally groundbreaking app!

Ipso Facto, Terminal Times is happy to bring you one HELL of a deal!

Enter code word “Dante” to transfer directly to the 4th level of purgatory.


The Terminal Times is not liable for but not limited to; frogs falling from the sky, locusts, the devil, or total destruction of humankind.

  • The Terminal Times

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