Heartbreaking: Lockdown Inspires Thousands to Create Podcasts No One Was Asking For

The American people have faced so many tragedies since the COVID-19 outbreak began. The US has lost notable musicians like John Prine and Adam Schlesinger, watched the Healthcare system crumble under the weight of this pandemic, and lnow they are being faced with their greatest tragedy yet: a total lack of originality.

Thousands have turned their isolation into their own personal recording studios equipped with hundreds of hours of free time, a single iPhone, and absolutely zero talent or expertise.

“Yeah, I was doing an Instagram Live while I was making a peanut butter sandwich,” said local influencer Dan Thompson on Saturday. “And I thought to myself, ‘There has to be something more desperate than this.’”

Thankfully, it’s not just impoverished losers like Dan making podcasts, celebrities are doing it too! 

Kumail Nanjiana and Emily Gordon started their new podcast called, “Rich But Not Relevant,” in which they call their equally rich-and-famous friends and ask how they’ve been able to feed the giant void in their soul that comes from the applause of strangers.

“It hasn’t been easy to stay at home with only my partner, dogs, butlers, maids, virtual-reality-gaming system, hot tub harem, classic flying car collection, and cocaine mountain,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger on a recent episode of “I’m Famous But Bored,” “But I know I’m doing my part. And that’s all we can really do.”

And that’s really what we’re all trying to do. We’re thankful that we will always have thirsty content creators to give us some abstract piece of effort and in return for all the love they never received from their families. Speaking of which, if you enjoyed this content, please like, subscribe, share, and send us cash in the mail.

– Jacob Nuckolls, The Terminal Times

4 thoughts on “Heartbreaking: Lockdown Inspires Thousands to Create Podcasts No One Was Asking For”

  1. You’re definitely not wrong there! Although I do feel I need to check out some of these celebrity podcasts now!
    I actually started writing a lockdown diary every day in the hopes of turning it into a book. I’m three weeks in and honestly I don’t know who is going to want to read it :’)


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