Man Who Identifies As Dog Psyched He Can’t Get Coronavirus

COVID-19 is sweeping the globe, causing a health and economic pandemic. Through these tough times, it is a relief to know our dogs cannot contract or spread the virus. That’s what Jim Weatherby, 36, was relieved to hear, as he identifies as a rottweiler named “Pinata.” 

Jim, a biological human, was taken by COVID on March 17th after spending 2 weeks in a Veterinarian ICU. 

We caught up with Jim’s wife, Gretchen Weatherby, to get an in depth look at the life and death of a man who identifies as a rottweiler. 

 Q: How long was Jim a dog, and how did he lose the battle to the virus? 

“He was a dog for two years, or 14 in his years. When the news of COVID-19 hit our state, I tried warning him. I really did. But, no matter how much I pleaded and begged, he would just look at me and say, ‘Woof woof, woof woof.” It’s hard to tell someone they’re not really a rottweiler named Pinata.”

 Q: How did you meet him? 

“I first saw him in our local dog park. He was barking at a squirrel up in a tree. I went over to pet him, and we locked eyes. It was love at first sight. He might be man’s best friend, but he was going to be my boyfriend. As I turned to walk away, he buried his nose in my rear-end, and that’s when I knew he was the one.” 

 Q: Do you have any regrets? 

 “I regret playing into it for so long. Especially walking through the park in front of people… picking up his poop. It was humiliating.”

Q: Where is Jim now? 

“I considered what he would’ve wanted, so I buried him in the backyard by his bones. He’s forever in our backyard, 6 feet deep. Which is a relief, because 6 feet is also the guidelines set by the CDC. We might be separated by social distancing, but he’s always in my heart.” 

  • Jake Shane, The Terminal Times 

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