Easter 2020: Northside Unites In Song

Whether it’s Zoom meetups, Instagram live comedy shows, or the power of song, everyone in the world is finding ways to come together while maintaining social distancing protocol. In North Minneapolis, residents are taking a more “hip-hopping” approach. 

As we arrived to the intersection of Dowling and Fremont this morning, we were greeted by 25 households on their porches singing 1988 super hit “Fuck the’ Police” by N.W.A. 

Entire families harmonized Ice Cube’s hard hitting opening lines of “Fuck the police, comin’ straight from the underground! A young n**ga got it bad cause I’m brown.”

It was a wonderful thing to see people of all backgrounds come together and sing. When asked the motivation behind the recital, resident Derik Morris said, “Man,  sometimes a mothafucka just wanna sing.”

  • The Terminal Times, 4-12-20

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