Clydesdale Angry About Lack Of Representation In Congress

A retired Budweiser Clydesdale named Rick has gripes with the US government and he’s not afraid to share them. After stumbling across Rick’s Twitter account dedicated to criticizing our Commander in Chief, we visited his private stable in a cozy suburb just outside of St Louis, Missouri. 

Jim prepared us a hearty dinner of 37 pounds of hay and 22 gallons of water before we began the interview. 

“Throw a saddle on me,” said Rick. “Let’s take a walk.” The 19 year old Clydesdale puffed on a post dinner carrot while cantering along his private dirt road with multiple reporters on his back- voicing passionate political opinions and expanding on his recent Tweets. 

“Everyone in this office is incompetent. How is it that after 230 years, our government is still full of jackasses? Hay, here’s an idea: we need a horse that can carry that load. My name is Rick the Horse, and I assure you, I am that horse.” 

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