Local Soundcloud Rapper Ready To Make It Big

 If you haven’t heard the name “Lil Eddy” (and we know you haven’t) he’s an up and coming 21 year old SoundCloud rapper from Minneapolis and he’s ready for the fame and fortune that every rapper dreams of. He reached out to us to get an interview that will hopefully give his career the boost it deserves. 

“I’ve released nine songs already, I’m up to three hundred listens on my last single, and I’ve even done a collab’ with Mossy Jay who’s got like, almost one thousand followers. Which is like, so tight. I know I have what it takes. I just gotta keep hustlin and makin’ moves and imma take over this whole rap game.

Eddy tells us he has been writing raps and freestyling since middle school. 

It’s like, it just came to me, you know? I always had a notebook on me. I’d spit constantly in my head at school, on the bus, on the toilet, everywhere. It’s like music was a second nature.”

In Lil Eddy’s music, he talks about being white, growing up in the suburbs, and the hard music grind. Eddy told us that his music comes from real life experiences and things he dealt with as a kid.

My dad is a cop, so he was really hard on me when I told him I was thinking about rapping, and maybe even trying weed. He would tell me to shape up or ship out and the occasional, “You won’t get your allowance if you don’t mow the lawn” Which honestly I’m alright with cause i think of hella bars on a John Deere. Regardless, I’m telling you this guy’s a scumbag. I don’t talk about my folks too much outside of my music, but if you listen to my first song “Raised 2B Bad” you’ll get the bigger picture

We did not listen to that song.

Eddy told us that he would spam all his friends on Snapchat weekly with his Soundcloud links and claimed to get good feedback from everyone who didn’t block him. Eddy told us he’s the only one in his friend group passionate about the art of rap and the culture behind it. We reached out to Eddy’s friend, Aaron, who told us a little more about Eddy.

Yeah I mean, we went to school together and stuff. He was always kind of off, one time he told me this story about how his dad took away his Xbox for a whole day and asked if I wanted to help him make a beat so he could rap about it. I said sure because I like making music at the time. I actually thought he was joking when I heard the lyrics, “Always mad at my dad, I was born to be bad, fuck with me bitch, Ive got two dog tags” when I laughed at him, he told me he would cut me up. A security officer overheard and that’s how we got banned from the studio at our college. 

After our interview, we told Eddy to never stop following his dreams. He then got picked up by his 17 year old girlfriend, we decided it was best to block his number and not use his real rap name in this article.

  • James Stanley, The Terminal Times

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