Trump Impersonates Chinese Man In Hilarious April Fools’ Day Press Briefing

On April 1st, President Donald Trump entered a tense coronavirus press briefing dressed as a cartoonish Chinese man- a bold and hilarious prank designed to apologize to China for his insensitive comments towards the country. 

Trump entered the briefing sporting a sunhat, taped back eyes and a large calculator in hand. With a sly grin, he remained silent for a few minutes, basking in the hilarity of the situation. “I only used one layer of spray-tan to appear yellow instead of orange,” said Trump in his opening statement, completely disregarding any mentions of a global pandemic. “Me Chinese, me so dumb, me stuff dead bat up my bum,” sang the president to a dead silent crowd of worried politicians. “You have to admit, that’s pretty funny. I wouldn’t do this heartwarming tribute if I didn’t love China.”

After the briefing, Trump sang a rip-roaring cover of “Imagine” in a silly Chinese accent on his Twitter page, TikTok account and Youtube channel.

  • The Terminal Times

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