Biden Announces Plan To Run In 2020 Special Olympics

Former 2 term Vice President Joe Biden has officially unveiled his plan to run the Steeplechase in the 2020 Special Olympics. Most participants, who have more cognitive ability than Biden, were shocked by the lengths he would go to try and get the PC vote.

Loretta Claiborne, inspiration to thousands and former Gold medalist in the one mile race, half marathon, and bowling was asked after the press release and said she thought it was “retarded.” The Special Olympics started in 1961 by JFK’s sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver to help combat the way the world treated mental retardation. Many feel like Biden is just appropriating the culture as a dementia patient who is not actually retarded. 

When pressed by ESPN on his decision to run, Biden said, “Sometimes a man’s gotta man when it’s time to gotta be. We all have our issues. Mine just are like when you lose the batteries to your wife’s Yo-Yo, who to be fair is black. But I don’t discriminate. I like fried chicken. It’s a funny thing but sometimes you gotta be the one who has to be the man to be where they gotta be on the balls of your toes. Mexicans get it. And I look forward to trying to make it over those jumpy things while doing the jog.”

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