Magic Johnson Tests Negative For COVID But Definitely Still Has AIDS

In a recent study published by Men’s Health Magazine, it has been confirmed that Magic Johnson does not have COVID19 but definitely still has AIDS. “Still got it!” said Magic at press time.

The magazine, focused on providing men with health tips and pictures of nearly naked men- is shocked by the results of Magic’s testing. “This is the highest-profile case of AIDS the world has ever seen,” said a contributing writer at the magazine. “Although Magic definitely does not have COVID, it’s been confirmed that he’s been HIV positive since as early as 1991.”

In the article, the former NBA star is pictured shirtless with a photograph of his test results in hand.

Although the NBA is currently riddled with COVID right now, very few players have AIDS. “We’re hoping that Magic might get COVID, which could potentially give the virus his AIDS,” said a spokesman for the CDC. “If COVID gets AIDS, it would humiliate the virus and hopefully take it out for good.”

  • The Terminal Times

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