“Being Gay Is Gay” Says Local High School Bully

Amidst growing curiosity over his opinion on homosexuality, a local high school bully has spoken up. “Gay people are gay,” says Billy Wheeler, a 10th grader at Knox High School in Toledo, Ohio. 

To Billy, everything is gay. “I never thought I’d be popular in high school. In middle school, everybody used to call me gay, so I started calling them gay and they stopped calling me gay. I became pretty popular for being the dude that wasn’t gay.” 

Teachers have praised Billy for his heroism. “Billy might only be 17, but he has the wisdom of a 22 year-old Jersey Mike’s employee. We cherish his opinions on homosexuality in our classrooms,” says Jan Walters, a special education paraprofessional at the high school. 

Someday, Billy hopes to spread his message outside of his small town high school, and with recent advancements in homophobia technology his dreams might soon become a reality. “I made a TikTok account last week. It’s a great platform for bullying gays and appropriating African American culture.”  

To Billy, bullying isn’t just a hollow defense mechanism to prevent people from calling him the f-word. To Billy, bullying is a way of life. “I didn’t choose to be a bully. I was born to do it.” 

When asked about that one sleepover in 9th grade, Billy declined to comment. 

  • The Terminal Times, 3-22-20

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